3 Success Stories, 3 Ideas, and 3 Guidelines To Inspire Your Foreign-Owned US Business

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur anywhere in the world you need to know about the benefits of establishing a United States based company. Below are examples, ideas, and steps towards a business that can:

If moving the United States interests you and you are not a family member of a citizen or a multi-millionaire investor, these E-2 and B-1 visa success stories will interest you. The E-2 visa, for example, has no cap and is available to anybody who can meet the simple qualifications.

  1. The Danish entrepreneur who invested $55,000 in a medical transport company.
  2. The German software consultant who made the right investments to acquire an E-2 visa.
  3. The French pilot who realized his dream of an aviation company in southern California.

My USA Service is a company that helps foreign entrepreneurs like these take the first steps to having a company in the United States. Based on experience with our clients, here are three business ideas that could open up visa opportunities:

  1. Franchising a restaurant or retail store.
  2. Consulting firms using your expertise from software to construction.
  3. Real Estate investing is one of the common wealth-builders in the United States.

Read more details about these business models on our blog.

If you’re not even considering moving the U.S. but want to benefit from a U.S. address, a U.S. bank account, and U.S. stability — you may meet the conditions for a tax-free LLC. A tax-free LLC is a U.S. based business whose members(owners) live primarily outside of the United States and do business outside of the United States.

If your consulting firm, dropshipping business, tele-support business or anything else can operate outside of the U.S., consider setting up an LLC. To get your tax liability to near zero, consider these three things:

  1. You must be a non-resident alien.
  2. You cannot have a physical office with employees in the United States (though you can have a mailing address).
  3. You cannot hold significant inventory in the United States.

Read more details about the Tax-Free LLC on this blog.

I hope these stories, ideas, and recommendations have helped. This blog is not meant to be legal advice. When starting your U.S. based business, consult a certified accountant or attorney.

At My USA Service we have attorneys and accountants on staff available to our clients. To make the first step towards establishing your U.S. company, schedule a free consultation today. Your business title, registration, and business bank account can be completed within weeks.



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