It may be what you’re missing

What is Einstein doing on that bench?

Not as smart as I used to be?

I learned a lot the past decade or so. I’m more educated in nearly every way and I worked hard for it. I’m adept at many subjects. I earned a handful of new skills. A pressure to “achieve my potential” has pushed me through all of it.

My life became…

Sesso, zucchero, e l’anno più fortunato e infelice della mia vita

A volte confondo la volontà con la realtà de fatti.

Ironman Pose

Domani parto per il primo viaggio internazionale della mia vita per fare una gara di Ironman Triathlon che ho deciso di fare solo 6 mesi fa. La maggior parte delle persone si allena per almeno 18 mesi.

Non sono ancora…

500 miles of West Texas authenticity on a bicycle

Picture by Geoff, the clouds beneath

The sun woke us up into a different world. Below us was an horizon-spanning sea of white clouds pierced by mountains that looked like cloud islands, one of which was our little island, containing only our tents and smatterings of cacti. I had never seen anything like it. “Geoff, you…

500 miles of West Texas authenticity on a bicycle

Taken by bike tour buddy, Geoff

It was the age of school shootings, counter terrorism and the very beginning of the iphone. We didn’t know it yet, but President Donald Trump, George Floyd, and Covid-19 were on the horizon. Americans were, and still are, trying to become better people, and a lot of them are flailing…

A constant thread stitches together my ever-changing self

Photo by Ro To, at a playground in Brownsville, TX

I found this in my notes. I wrote it in between 2009–2011, while living on the Texas/Mexico border. My higher self is a pretty good supporter.

Dear Boz,

Congratulations, I think it’s badass you decided to focus on being a revolutionary writer and leader of culture. May the ideas of…

Why adults are not as bad at language as everyone says

Me not being able to “just be normal” for a picture

Why do so many American adults aspire to learn just one foreign language and I’ve crossed that threshold five times in the past seven years? If talent was the answer than I wouldn’t have to practice every single day. So what is the reason?

Three Non-Talent-Related Reasons I’ve Become a Polyglot:


Ever since I was a boy…

8 other ways I get my daily dose of mindfulness

When I was young, I noticed my head was full of thoughts that were out of my control. It was concerning. So, when I first stumbled across Zen meditation it was a breath of fresh air.

“I am not my thoughts. I can observe my thoughts, let them go, and…

Boz Del Mundo

Being the best Harriet Tubman I can be. Speak Español, português, français, 中文,& Italiano. Language learning, #internationalrelations #america #stories #follow

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